Fitness Update – Morning Yoga

I started working out in the mornings a while back. At first it was a struggle to get up in the morning. It took me about a week to actually start working out in the morning. I would set my alarm to 6.30, and the¬†first few days I would just lay in bed and read, and just force myself to… Read more →


Fall for Stripes

Since it’s October and the temperature has dropped I decided to dig out my thick knit sweaters to suit the Fall Weather. I get cold easily ,which is ironic since I grew up with snow. There is nothing more beautiful than a snow covered landscape where the snowflakes sparkle like diamonds in the sunlight. Knit sweaters kept me warm then… Read more →


My September Favorites <3

I can’t believe September is over and it is already October!!! Before we know it it will be December – I am sure of it! Today I thought I would share with you my September Favorites. 1) My Rebel mirror. I got this mirror at F21. I use it every morning when I put on my makeup. The bright flower… Read more →


Pink Stripes

I remember being little and telling my parents that I wanted a pink backpack and that pink was my ¬†favorite color in the whole wide world. So on my first day of school I was sporting a bright pink backpack with ponies on it. Hahha… Then I went through a phase in life where pink was too girly for me,… Read more →