Christmas Gift Guide 2014

1) When getting a gift for someone keep in mind what that person likes. My dad loves espresso and has his own espresso machine. This year I got him some fancy looking espresso cups. I know he will think of me when he uses them, and hopefully it will make him feel special.   2) You can also give an… Read more →


Spirulina Powder as Mascara

A while back (about 2 months ago) I started using Spirulina powder as mascara. I was looking for diy eyeliner recipes online, and someone mentioned spirulina. I thought that if you can use it as an eyeliner, it probably could be used as a mascara too.  How to make Spirulina Mascara : 1) Add some powder on a small plate… Read more →

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Lazy Girl : Healthy and quick Pizza – 15min

I have been really into pizza this month. I try not to eat to much pizza cause dairy breaks me out, but for some reason I was hooked on pizza. I used to make tortilla pizza in college, so I thought I would share the recipe here. This recipe is super fast and easy. Since the pizza is very thin… Read more →

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Bite Beauty duo in Poppy/Scarlet

Bite beauty has become my favorite lipstick brand, because of their natural ingredients and staying power. They came out with a lipstick duo for fall, in the color poppy/scarlet. I wrote about it in my last Bite Beauty review, and of my friends read my blog-post and actually bought it for me. My friends are the best! The lipstick duo is… Read more →