Current Favorites

I thought I would share with you some of the items/products that I have been loving lately!

I will be talking about my favorite natural oils and lip balms.
I started using natural products years ago, and have not looked back since.
What you put on your skin/body goes into your body, so it is important to know what your products contains.
If you want to check your beauty products and skincare products, you can check them on Skindeep.
Just type in the products you are using to see how toxic they are :p

Barbie meets Biker

I took a look inside my closet the other day, and realized most of my clothes are either black, white or grey! When I was younger I only wore bright colors. I had a few black items that I never wore because I thought they were boring.
I thought my mum’s closet was the most boring thing ever because of the lack of color, and now my closet has become like hers.

So I told myself the next time I buy something it has to be another color than black, white or grey, and that’s how I ended up owning this pink top from H&M.
Made with Repix (

Made with Repix (

Made with Repix (
What I am wearing:

Jeans and white hat : forever 21
Pink top : h&m
Foe leatherjacket : freepeople. I have had mine for over 3 years now and it looks just as good!
Shoes : Steve Madden. I have used mine for about a year, and they are still not falling a part.

Made with Repix (

Made with Repix (

What is the dominant color in your closet?

Hope you have a happy Wednesday !

– Vanillamilla

LOOKBOOK – How I style my Striped Jumper

I made a lookbook on how I style my striped jumper.
I got my striped jumper from f21 for $14 which I thought was a steal.
I have been wearing it every week since I bought it,
and feel it has been a great add on to my closet.
Since I have been using it so much I thought I would share some ways that I like to wear it.

I am a huge fan of lookbooks, so I hope that you like the video, and that it inspires you in some way.

Which outfit did you like best?

Hope you have a happy Monday!

– Vanillamilla

White shirt for a sunny day

It feels like it’s almost Summer!
The weather is getting nice. The sun is out.
Flowers are showing up, and birds have started to sing again.
Sometimes birds can be an annoying alarm-clock you did not set, but sometimes they are a great reminder that Summer is almost here :)



My pants are from Costco and my blouse from Zara.




What Season of the year do you like best?


I hope you have a happy weekend !

– Vanillamilla

Cozy Blue Sweater OOTD

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Today I wore my most comfortable sweater, which also resemblance the cookie monster.
It’s pretty fitting actually.. I love cookies :p
If I could, I would eat cookies all day!
My favorite cookies are Jaffa cakes, chocolate chip cookies
and cookie dough.

Anyway I decided to wear this sweater since it’s a little chilly out.
I wore my black stockings and my most used black shorts.
My feet was protected by my ankle-boots. They have been very handy in the colder weather.

Made with Repix (

Made with Repix (

What I am wearing:
Sweater from H&M (Christmas gift)
Shorts also from H&M
Shoes from Steve Madden
Necklace bought in Paris when I was 14

Made with Repix (

What are your thoughts on big knit sweaters? Comfy or grandma ?

– Vanillamilla

My Denim Shirt

Made with Repix (

Made with Repix (

I have been wearing my denim-shirt like crazy lately.
At least once a week!
My sister bought if for me for Christmas.
I am so grateful that she did, because it has become my favorite item in
my wardrobe.

I love the polka dots on the shirt. It gives it a very cute look.
Since I have been into the denim on denim “look”,
I wore the denim-shirt with me forever 21 jeans.
On my feet I was wearing my Aldo flats. They jazz up the casual
look a little.
Around my neck I wore my disco-ball necklace,
which was another Christmas gift. I thought the necklace
would give the casual look a more mature look.

Made with Repix (

A close up of my denim-shirt. It is from H&M if anyone was wondering? I washed a few times now
and it looks the same.

Made with Repix (

Made with Repix (

My flats from Aldo. I got them on sale last summer for $20. I wear them whenever the weather gets warmer,
since they are pretty thin.

Are you liking the denim on denim trend?

I hope you have a happy week :)

- Vanillamilla

Valentines DIY Envelope and Gift-card Idea <3


I came across this cool way of making an envelope online, and thought I would share the process with you since it’s almost Valentines Day!!
I added a step by step method under, but if you still do not understand how to make it, you can Google origami envelopes and I am sure you will find something similar.


Valentine2Here is how the envelope looks like when I decoreted it.
I used a stamp for the “all you need is love” and then I drew green hearts with a pen.
The point is to have fun :) You can use stickers, glitter or whatever you can think of to decorete it!

I also made a little card to put inside, with some happy wishes <3

As you can see I also cut up 3 small gift cards.
One is for a 20 min foot massage, another is for Ramen and the last is for a Movie and snacks.
These gift cards means that I owe my boyfriend a foot massage, and that I will buy him Ramen whenever he wants to go for Ramen,
and that I will buy our tickets & snacks the next time we go to the Cinema.

I think this is a fun way to give gifts, since you are giving something you both can do together :)

Valentine3 How you close the envelope.


What are your plans for V Day ?

I hope you will have an amazing day (single,celebrating with friends or boyfriend) it does not matter.
The only thing that matters on V day is to treat yourself!!
Maybe buy yourself a new lipstick or watch your favorite movie?

Emma Watson Inspired look!


I grew up watching Harry Potter.
Hermione was always one of my favorite characters, because she was smart, and she did not care what other people thought of her.
She always had a solution for any trouble Harry, Ron and her got them-self into.

When I saw Emma Watson’s on the cover of Elle magazine, I decided I had to recreate her look.
Her look is very natural, which is my favorite kind of looks. In my opinion less is always more, at least when it comes to an everyday kind of look.

I hope you like the video, and are able to follow along while doing your own makeup :p

Also let me know what you think.


Hope you have a happy day !!

– Vanillamilla

Healthy Treats – When you want something sweet!


I get really bad sugar cravings at night. I start thinking about snickers and all my favorite candies.
I try not to eat candy during the week, because I eat enough sugar as it is.

I thought since it’s a January ,and a lot of people have resolutions to be healthier that I would share some of the things I reach for instead of candy.
These recipes are very simple, because if you read my blog you know that I don’t like much fuss when it comes to cooking.

These recipes are not the healthiest in the world, but they are much better that actually eating candy.
Of course eating an apple would be much healthier, but that would be a very boring video :p

I hope this video inspires you in some way?