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Happy Halloween !!

It’s that time of year again.. “Happy Halloween!!!!!” This Halloween I decided to not go all out and buy a costume, but just paint my face instead. I was either thinking of being a deer or the sky (paint my face black and use a gold eyeliner to paint stars), but since the face paint I needed was a bit¬†pricy… Read more →


Getting cold

Brrr it’s getting cold out here there most be some cold weather in the atmosphere. Brrr it’s getting cold, and because the temperature is dropping I decided to get a longer jacket, to get a coat. The thing I love about coats is that they are long, so I can wear leggings without showing my butt. The coat I am… Read more →


Makeup of the Day

We are getting closer to Christmas time, and I have been into red lipstick. The lipstick I am wearing here is “Fire and Ice by Revlon”. I dabbed the color in with my fingers to get the lipstick to look like a stain. That way the lipstick last longer. Makeup I am wearing : I am wearing Revlon Fire and… Read more →


Fitness Update – Morning Yoga

I started working out in the mornings a while back. At first it was a struggle to get up in the morning. It took me about a week to actually start working out in the morning. I would set my alarm to 6.30, and the¬†first few days I would just lay in bed and read, and just force myself to… Read more →