Healthy Treats – When you want something sweet!

I get really bad sugar cravings at night. I start thinking about snickers and all my favorite candies. I try not to eat candy during the week, because I eat enough sugar as it is. I thought since it’s a January ,and a lot of people have resolutions to be healthier that I would share some of the things I… Read more →

photo 5

Blue Natural Nails

I got some new nail polishes for Christmas. Yay!! I used to be the biggest nail polish fan until I found out how toxic they really are… I have some 5 free and 3 free nail polishes from before, but I wanted something even more natural. I saw that the brand Suncoat came out with peelable nail polishes for adults,… Read more →


2014 Favorites – Makeup and quick OOTD

I thought it would be easier and faster to film my favorites. This video is a bit embarrassing ( seeing myself and hearing myself on camera is very strange) hahha . I hope you like the video anyway. Everyone gotta start somewhere right ? Read more →

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Healthy and Quick Banana Breakfast

I am a lazy cook. Meaning I like making food that are quick and healthy. I can’t be bothered with too much fuss. This Banana breakfast is healthy and super easy. I eat it for breakfast a few times a week, and really enjoy it! Directions: All you need is 2-3 bananas (bananas with brown spots on the peel –… Read more →